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| October 30, 2014

Baby Shower

Baby Shower is way to celebrate the awaiting or recent birth of a baby. This celebration is arranged with particular patterns in different countries. Some celebrate before birth of child and only women presented for this event and bring gift that are related from child’ accessories and some after the delivery like in Islam. We are called this event with the name of “Aqiqa”. All family members and also neighbors are invited for this Islamic celebration and guests come with child and mother’ gifts.
Today, I am going to share fantastic and cute gifts for shower baby day. In this collection, crochet shoes, bhalo, neck bib, diapers, toys and many other items are included that are make with unique and aesthetic handmade crochet pattern. Let’ briefly explore here, awesome and glorious crochet gifts for baby shower.

Happy Berry as a gift for baby shower

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Happy Berry is cute and innocent animation and children much like this cartoon. This happy Berry is design by sky blue and white wool and polyester and eyes are made with huge black buttons. This is best crochet gift for new born baby because it is soft and light weight so; children can play easily by this Happy Berry.

Ladybug crochet shoes for baby girls

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Crochet kids’ shoes are most popular among crochet creations. This alluring pair of crochet shoes is design by red and white wool and adorned with handmade flower and ladybug. These ankle straps cute pair of shoes is fantastic and memorable gift for baby girl.

Crochet beanie caps for kids

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Caps are essential for new born baby and this is appropriate gift for shower baby day. In this picture, you are seeing a pack of four colors crochet caps that are design by exclusive style and look stunning and outstanding.

Neck bibs with socks

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Neck bibs and socks are two important accessories for new born baby. Here are matching neck bibs and shoes in seven colors. This complete bundle of crochet neck bibs and shoes is alluring and brilliant gift for new birth baby.

Here, you got unique and dazzling ideas for shower baby gifts. All varieties are contemporary and outstanding. Further more crochet items for new born baby you can see in the gallery images.

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