Crochet Patterns of Hooded Baby Blanket

| January 16, 2015

Crocheted Hooded Baby Blankets:

In the winter season, mostly mothers re in search of such accessories that can protect their kids from the cold of wintry days. For this purpose they spend lots of time in browsing here & there but never find the right deigns. Now you need not to worry because on this website you can find each & every winter accessory for your kid that you actually want.

Protect you new born baby boy or baby girl by preparing a very beautiful crochet baby blanket. For your easiness, I am going to share some very unique & elegant patterns of hooded baby blankets with you. The hood or cap with these blankets helps you to protect the head & ears of your baby from the cold.

Hopefully, you will like the patterns, designs & color combinations.  If you never know crochet technique & want to shop ready-made crochet blankets for you little kid then before shopping you must check out the latest designs. This collection provides you the detailed info about new & latest patterns & designs of crochet baby blankets. Let’s have a look!

Chevron Pointelle Pattern Hooded Baby Blanket:

1 Crocheted Hooded Baby Blanket ideas (6)

This hooded baby blanket is designed by following the chevron Pointelle pattern. Light yellow, green, pink, blue & white color wool threads re used into its manufacturing. Just perfect for securing your baby when you go outside!

White Hooded Blanket:

2 Crocheted Hooded Baby Blanket ideas

This is a very simple pattern of baby blanket. Only white color wool thread is used into its manufacturing.

Crochet Hooded Blanket:

3 Crocheted Hooded Baby Blanket ideas (13)

What is your opinion about this design & color combination? I know you like it. If you the crochet technique then you can prepare it at home & then you can pass on your handmade baby blanket from one generation to another generation.

Owl Eye Hooded Baby Blanket:

4 Crocheted Hooded Baby Blanket ideas (4)

The hood of this white blanket is designed by taking inspiration from the owl eye. It is looking cute & pretty.

Baby Blankets Patterns:

Mostly the hooded baby blanket are unisex I mean to say that you can use these designs not only for baby girl but also for baby boy. The color combinations are really very memorizing & eye capturing. The wool thread always provides a cozy & comfy feeling to your baby. Baby blanket is also a best idea as baby shower gift. Explore some more designs that are shown below!

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