Ready-To-Wear Spring Collection By Iris van Herpen

| April 13, 2017

Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer born on 5th June 1984; she got the degree of graduation in 2006 from the fashion design department ArtEz. After one year of graduation, she launched her own first fashion label for women’s wear collection.

As an aspiring fashion designer at the art academy Iris van Herpen learned to work with soft fabric and she quickly felt limited by fabric as she wanted to built, construct and sculpt with the materials of which she created her designs. This forced her to experiment with other materials she recently launched her spring ready to wear dresses collection for ladies.

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s new couture collection is titled “Between the Lines” was presented on 23rd January in Paris. She focused on the gaps in between the structures of her materials by shaping patterns that dissimulate the body’s perspective or subtract it.

In this collection the designer approached the outfits like kinetic art, adding to their visual impact by showing them against a backdrop designed by Italian artist Esther Stocker and she said about her collection that she was interested not only in patterns on outfits but also the gaps in between them.

Iris van Herpen said the curved lines that formed hypnotic repetitive patterns on the clothing were computer designed but molded and painted by hand with a blend of polyurethane and pigment.

“The shapes are constructed but it is the body that changes the shapes and warps the angles when you walk in it”, the Dutch designer explained. The designer applied the black and white designs on transparent rubber that quivered jellyfish to create unique dresses in this collection.

More wearable options included what she called a digital glitch dress designed in black silk overlaid with an undulating white laser cut Mylar fabric that seemed to morph with every step.

Long sleeves black jumpsuit is made in silk stuff and covered with black facets and glistening on the surface reframed the body as a beautiful backdrop of negative space.

The technique was also used accentuate exaggerated volumes of a cropped black wool coat and high waist skirt. Fragments resembling broken glass glistened off a stiff cape dress that seems destined to live in a museum.

This collection is on the whole more feminine than previous collections titled ‘Between the lines’ and for all the technical details, the march of these unique dresses by the models whose legs were propped up by diagonal copper heels gave the most complete sense of the designer’s vision.
Iris van herpen spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection (1) Iris van herpen spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection (2) Iris van herpen spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection (3) Iris van herpen spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection (4)


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