Top Amazing Russian Fashion Brands

| January 30, 2017

Great 3 Russian fashion brands in the world
Well as we all know that there are number of fashion brands that are working in fashion world to give a new standard of creativity and to make people aware that how to e up dated with respect to change in time as well as change in conditions like weather etc.  We have figure out some of best working fashion band of countries and their theme has been started by us from Russia. We have elected some of major three Russian fashion brand that are now at their peak in fashion world.


Vipers brand was come into being in July 2012 and it was founded by two sisters named as katya and Vera viper. Vero works in designing section and katya is responsible for creating out new range of accessories and wearing apparels.  Vipers also won some local design competitions and for the first time they had a presentation at aurora fashion week at Russia.
Here are some designs by vipers:

Beautiful black dress:


Vipers fall collection:


Classy white vipers dress:


Beautiful dress by vipers:


Classic dress for ladies by vipers:


Viva vox:

Viva vox is all about power of surprises and contradictions. The result of each and every collection is sensual and intellectual. Viva vox was established in 1997, evolutes along the years. Viva vox is considered as one of few Russian brands of flawless reputation.

Designs by viva vox brand:

Fall design by viva vox:


Viva vox fall design:


Long fall dress by viva vox:


Royal black fall dress by viva vox:


Creative fall dress by viva vox:


Ksenia serya:

Ksenia serya is considered as foremost Russian fashion label which was established in year 2013. It is widely known for its knitwear collections. It has very much great repute in Russian runways and currently, it has come out with 2017 spring collection for ladies.

Ksenia serya designs:

Pink and grey spring dress:


Moonlight grey cloth:


Beautiful black dress:


Loose pink dress:


Pink dress with black strips:


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