Winter Wear Collection 2017 by Australian Designer Alice McCall

| November 16, 2016

Alice McCall is an Australian designer known for feminine flirty pieces. The brand Alice McCall was launched at Australian Fashion Week in 2004 and now has a worldwide following, perfectly combining elements of girlish charm and bohemian flared mix up with a bit of rock’n’roll. Alice’s collections past and present bestow a perpetual air of youthful radiance juxtaposed with a harder edged sexy modernity. This season sets a distinctly feminine tone with sheer lace and cotton crochet pieces adorned with cool cut-outs.

Mini frock is designed in the stuff of printed chiffon and is set with skinny leggings in same purple color looking nice and perfect evening wear and will look good with high heel black shoes. One shoulder tank top in purple color is set with skin tight black pant. Light purple color skinny pant is set with white tank top and black jacket and a girl can also carry a black hat on her head to compliment the dress.

Light purple color dress is stitched in jersey stuff; the top is designed with spaghetti strap and deep v neckline with front zipper and is set with pleated short and the girl in the picture also wrapping a grey muffler around her neck. Strapless jumpsuit is designed in printed stuff with sweat heart neckline and matching green color waist belt with brooches is also used with the dress to make it beautiful and a jacket of green, purple and any color in the print can be worn with the dress.

A printed top can be worn with pencil skirt in black color and purple skinny leggings and ankle boots in black color. A girl can carry her hand bag in purple color match to the dress. Sleeveless printed top is tailored finely in ruffled style with patch of purple color placed on the neckline. The top is looking good with black leggings and purple boots. Skin tight pant in black color is stitched with sided golden zippers and set with purple color printed top and black flat shoes.

Glittery black net stuff is used in making this top designed with v-neckline and kept sleeveless and this will look good with black skinny leggings and same black boots. The dress is perfect for night club parties and if a girl wants to add some glamour then she should use golden shoes and golden scarf with the dress. Whole dress is designed in black color, knee-length shirt is designed in jersey stuff with turtle neck design and there are two cuts on both sides of the waist to show off the skin and this shirt is set with black tights and black boots.

Mini dress in black color is decorated with green sequins and green skinny leggings are set with the dress match to the sequins color. The dress will look more beautiful with green color shoes and green purse. Light grey color mini dress is designed in halter neck style and green color patch is used to make halter neck neckline, the girl wearing this dress with nude color leggings and same color boots is looking nice.

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