Crochet women’s Slipper and Boots

| April 20, 2016

How to wear crochet slippers and boots

0. crochet womens slipper  and boots

Crochet is such a  nice things and the people carry this stuff mostly in the winter because it give us cozy and warm effect and when you feel coldness you   are going toward the crochet thing which are so elegant and  give  a great look for our personality .In the previous ages the crochet was used in  many places but now   the trend of crochet things  are again inn and the    crochet sleeves,laces,patches, shoes,slippers,bags and much more accessories are common in the market and you can buy it from any market . When you wear  the crochet shoes with socks then you feel very   warm and hot and    crochet slippers and  boots can be made at home if you are interested in the crochet work it is not a difficult job but when you are able to design it you can make many things which you can use it  in your routine life. Crochet shoes are  found in so many colors bold and light  boots are normally carry at the outside going and slippers are for the  house  .Here I have some collection of crochet boots and slippers for those people who love the crochet thing .
0+ crochet womens slipper  and boots

Crochet shoes for the girls:
1.    Grey red and black color crochet slipper are very nice and great combination of colors  you can wear this slippers on  with your pants shirt and with your simple and casual dress it look so nice on the valentine  day which is in the winter season this  slippers are the best gift  to give someone  as  a gift.

1. crochet womens slipper  and boots
  2.    Multi shaded crochet boots are the best for going outside in the night time in winter and these boots are for funky girls who like to play with colors. With these shoes you have no need to wear socks because it is too hot.
2.   crochet womens slipper  and boots

3.    Golden and dark purple color  slippers  are  going well  for these girls who want to go  college with  crochet  boots  because it give you an elegant look. Some girls  who  works in the  office and any  working place then you can wear very simple and graceful color mint green embellish with the black bow ribbon  it is up to you  can decorate it with sitaras,laces ,pearls, motifs  and  colorful ribbons.

3.   crochet womens slipper  and boots

4.    Ankle length shoes with pom pom and grey color is very nice and you can carry these shoes with pent shirt and the skirts. Pink color is very decent and mostly liked by the  girls and this is soft  color so the pink color  is best for those girls  who want to wear dark colors then light  colors shoes are great choice and the wooden style plastic buttons  are enhancing the  beauty of  your shoes.
3+. crochet womens slipper  and boots 4 . crochet womens slipper  and boots 4+. crochet womens slipper  and boots


Crochet shoes are very elegant for the winter season and you   can carry these shoes    with your any winter dress .For the formal functions you should wear bold colors and the light colors are for those ladies who   want to adopt crochet shoes in the office and any outdoor places.
4++ crochet womens slipper  and boots

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