New Collection of Crochet Bags, Purses and Pouches

| August 13, 2016

Hands made things are always been very popular. People always inspire with hand made things. Make things with crochet is a skill and an art. Many things can be made with crochet like shirts, bags, purses, pouches, feeder cover, pencil case etc. A specific yarn is used to make things with crochet.

This bag is made by a crochet. College girls would like this.  Yarn of two colors yellow and blue is used in making this bag. You can choose the colors of your own choice. Use the stuff of cotton for lining to support the bag. This casual shoulder bag in red color is looking beautiful. You can carry this for summers and college girls can also use this.

When you go out for shopping, you can carry this beautiful wallet. You can carry this casually too. These clutches are in cylinder shape with short handle made by crochet. This can be used in formal parties. This extra large bag can be carried in traveling because of the size you can put your one suit in it. And this can be used for shopping to put lot of things.

Needle case can be made with crochet. You can put your needles of different sizes in it. A flap is made on the top to save the needles to drop and a button on the flap to close it tightly. The stylish bag, with a handle is so nice. This can be used for shopping and you can carry it casually.

This purse is looking wonderful with a handle made by pearls. This purse can be carried in parties too. Young girls would love to carry this kitty purse. These bags are made on Luz patterns. This looks like a basket. You can use this crochet basket in shopping.

The beautiful handmade crochet bag is made in a basket shape. Its top part is designed in heart shape patterns. Hearts in different colors has enhanced the beauty of this white bag. Because light colors always enhance the dark and multi colors. This pink bag looks like a pouch. You can collect coins in this small pouch.

This pink tote is best choice for young girls. They would love to carry it in college. A light pink crochet flower is placed on the corner to make it more beautiful. This clutch is made in skin color and its flip is decorated with crochet flowers and leaves. This is looking amazing.
When you will go out with bag you will gain lot of compliments about this cute bag. This green small purse is made in a different shape.

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