Classic Designs of Floor & Wall Mirrors Collection

| June 6, 2014

Classic Mirrors:

Now days, mirrors are most commonly used into the decoration of homes. There is a wide variety of mirror designs. Some are designed very contemporarily while some are designed conventionally. The modern designs of mirrors are used for giving an ultra-modish touch to your modernly designed home while the traditional designs of mirrors are used into those homes which are decorated very traditionally.

Traditional designs of Mirrors:

Here I bring the collection of mirrors but this collection only deal with the traditional or classic designs of mirrors. So, if you want to give a classic touch to your home, bedroom, or sitting room then you should go with these classic designs of mirrors collection.

Antique Design of Wall Mirrors:

In this collection two types of mirrors are included. One is the wall mirrors. The mirrors which are used for the decoration of a wall are called wall mirrors. In this collection you can explore very amazing, wonderful, & gorgeous designs of wall mirrors. Now you add a very classy touch on the back wall of your bedroom, dining room wall, sitting room wall & entrance home wall & in lots of other parts of home. You can use vases, flowers, painting with these wall mirrors for a perfect look.

Classic Style Floor Mirrors:

Second type of mirror which is also used into the decoration is floor mirror. Floor mirrors usually comes with feet or without feet & used on the floor. You can use one floor mirror or a pair of big & small floor mirrors or you can go with a set of floor mirror (three different sizes of floor mirrors such as small, medium & large with same frame design).

Conventional Design of Wooden Frame for Mirrors:

Whether you buy a wall mirror or a floor mirror in both cases the frame design is of great importance. The frame of mirrors can be made by using metal & wood both. But in this collection most of the mirror frames are made by using wood. Mostly the people who have great skill of making designs on the wood creates these frames with great effort & wonderfully. For more info about the classic designs & frames of floor or wall mirrors you can check out the picture gallery. You can also tell us with your valued opinion about this collection.

1 Traditional Bathroom Wall Mirror Design Ideas


3 silver color Classic Mirror Design collection

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