Different Party Theme Ideas for Baby Naming Day Ceremony

| March 4, 2016

Baby naming day ceremony is held in different countries according to the religious significance and cultural values. Parents consider this ceremony an important thing to give the name to baby but in different countries it is celebrated with different traditions. There is no limitation of days or age, some parents like to have this occasion when child is infant. Some celebrate even in youth but mostly this ceremony is considered true for infant child. Well whenever you decide to get this celebration you surely need a complete theme party idea that could help you in arranging this cute party. That’s why I have maintained different ideas for your further inspiration.
For baby girls mostly pink theme party is celebrated with all the naming day details and decorations while for boys blue color theme is great but you have choice of other pastel color themes too. Balloons, swirls, streamers, teddy bears, toys, buntings, pom-pom and paper lanterns are all the items that you may have on naming day adornments.
Sweets are must-haves on this day but for theme parties consider your child age, if he/she is infant then polka dot, teddy bear, doll themes are cute for the day but for toddler or older kids get some changes according to their choices.
For other inspiring ideas you will have to move on the collection where different ideas will capture your attention and it become easy for you to decide the perfect theme for your baby naming party.

Polka dot theme party for naming day:

1. Baby Naming Day Party Theme ideas

Create the polka dots to every bit or corner of your baby naming party. Look at the picture in which the centre table has been decorated with sweets but all over the polka dot theme is creating a cute effect.  Take the fancy balloons with alphabets “Coolest Kid Ever” after all the entire celebration is for your lovely kid so everything must be dedicated to the baby.

Theme cake for naming day:

2. Baby Naming Day Party Theme ideas

Well sweets are necessary for baby naming day party and a show stopper cake would be great to put on the central table for guest arrived at your party. If you have teddy bear theme for your baby then you must order the personalized cake for party like in the picture with blue and white dotted cake is looking great.

Elephant chevron theme party:

3. Baby Naming Day Party Theme ideas

Chevron pattern is delicious for any kid birthday or naming day party so go with this pattern on any item put to your party. Décor the fire place with hanging your baby girl clothes and put the elephants on shelf.

Balloons for naming day party:

4. Baby Naming Day Party Theme ideas

Balloons are fun decoration for kid’s parties so create the prettiness by decorating balloons everywhere in your baby naming party. The balloons will attain the attention of kid’s guest and they get a great in your cool decoration naming day party.

Colorful party with pom-pom:

5. Baby Naming Day Party Theme ideas

For sprucing different colors you must add the paper made items like pom-pom and streamers to your baby naming party. This will look awesome and bashful with a lot of colors.
For more ideas search out the gallery and stay connected with us to inspire by different ideas.

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