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| September 24, 2014

Handmade Cards:

Now days, a trend which is getting lots of popularity is the preparation of various handmade items such as handmade clothes, handmade crocheted items, handmade cards etc. But dear friends on this page we are going to discuss only about the handmade cards. There are lots of types of cards, in lots of colors, designs, sizes & shapes.

Happy Birthday Message Card:

1 pink and ferozy flower style handmade card with simple message

What could be more interesting for you to make a happy birthday card to your friend, cousin, mother, father, sister, brother or son with your own hands? What’s your opinion about this handmade card? Turquoise color is looking prominent into this card. Flowers are created with great care. The usage of colorful polka dot print sheet on this card is actually enhancing its beauty. The combination of peach & turquoise is looking very nice.

Colorful Flower Design Handmade Card:

2 colourful flower style handmade card with simple message

This white color card is adorned by using colorful fabricate flower. Usage of pearl embellished white lace is giving it a very pretty look. A basket which is full of with colorful hearts is actually signifies for the statement of “Sending All My Love”. This card is just right for anniversary, birthday & for best wishes.

I Love You…..Because Flower Card:

3 flower style handmade card with simple message  images

This is a very interesting flower that you can create own your handmade card. Mostly a card is given to a person whom you love so much. This “I love you… because” handmade flower allows you to describe some reason on “why you love her/him”.  On each petal of a flower you can write only one reason. Into the center of card you can write your relationship with the other person & name of the person whom you are going to present this card after “I love” & before “because” for example “I love Grandmother Charlotte because”.

Beautiful Handmade Flower Card Idea:

4 nice flower style handmade card with simple message

Another flower design handmade card is shown before you. It is designed by using green, pink, white, light purple & beige color of papers. When you examine this picture carefully then you will get a comprehensive idea.  Look deeply & observe!

Ribbon & pearl Flower Card Idea:

5 new flower style handmade card with simple message

This off-white color flower is created by using silk ribbon. Pearls are also embellished on this ribbon for making this card more gorgeous & fabulous. You can use this card for wishing birthday. Wedding cards, pearls, ribbons, colors, scissors, gum etc all these things are easily available into a home. You just need to use these items wisely.

Cards with Simple Message:

Cards are usually used for expressing your emotions, feelings & sentiments. For the purpose of expressing these sentiments sometimes words are used while sometimes different signs are used such as flowers, heart, basket full of flowers, cute animals, cake etc. The cards which are shown into the following photo gallery are decorated by using handmade paper or fabricate flowers plus a simple & short messages are also written on these cards such as Happy Birthday, Missing u, I Love You, etc.

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