ideas and Waya to Grow Herb Indoors

| April 11, 2016

How amazing is to have little herbs garden in your home, in your kitchen. This DIY planter requires nothing more than some effort and care, super easy to do. You’ll have fresh herbs hanging whenever you need them.


Pots over the kitchen sink make use of ample kitchen window light. You can use anything for planters. Go to a thrift store and find pretty vintage tins for your windowsill garden.



Hanging something gives you so much more space. Build your very own hanging vertical herb garden inside your home. All you need for this to do at your home are some hooks and a rod. Paint all the elements in one color or in various colors as you like, fix the pots to the hooks and put the rod in the window.


Here is the ingenious creativity that some people possess. This one decided to turn her vertical IKEA wine bottle holder horizontally, pop in some herbs in glasses and turn it into a stunningly modern indoor herb garden, These Self-irrigating planters, a great way for lazy gardeners to enjoy fresh herbs all winter which are totally DIY able.


All ceiling and no wall space, Check out this hanging garden where the greenery acts as a complement to a contemporary. You have to be careful not to overwater your plants. And enjoy wonderful smells that will be emanating from your little plants.



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