Ideas for Decorating Walls With Different Things

| March 5, 2016

0. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

House is such a place where everybody lives according to his wish. It is very good thing that you should decorate your house because a decorative house represent your personality and if you keep your home clean and decorated then  you are able to get  many praises from the people .You should be creative  and make your homes many decorative things with your hands . If you have simple and short room but if its decoration s good then it gives a good look to your home. Now a day’s wall papers are very common  on the wall but if you want to go something different then you should adopt these ideas to décor your home in a new style. Many people have big houses but they have no idea that how to maintain it but some people who have short houses but the decoration of make their houses large and wide. So stay with us chooses the decoration things.

Different ideas to décor your home:

White color wall is very beautiful and attractive and give an elegant look to your room when you do white color white wash it shows your room vast and broad .But with the white color you can go with different things than the painting.

1.    Designing with tissue roll papers:

1. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

Now a days the  trend of  wall designing is much more because it is very prominent  in the room but if it is fully decorated create a good look .We can use tissue role paper in our wall designing with different styles .We can make these things in our houses own self  in any shapes hearts, flowers, geometrical shape ,horizontal, zigzag etc are common it is up to you what  style is liked by you.

2.    Designing with cabinets :

2. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

If you have white plain wall in your home then you can decorate it without painting and wall paper  then you can decorate your home with different themes like hexagon theme is very inn in the wall designing you can select different color pattern to make  these shapes according to the geometrical theme you can make pentagon,circle,oval ,square etc  can be make  on your wall. It gives an awesome look to your TV lounge.

3.    Decorate wall with mirrors :

3. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

Decoration of mirror is very beautiful and give a   charming look and it is available in many shapes and styles .In previous years square and rectangle shape mirror was in trend but now the trend of round shape mirror so if you have white color wall then you can use silver and grey color mirror is best but if you have not much bigger wall then round shape full size mirror are not go well. You can hang this mirror in the gate entrance, doorway and your living room with the wood table and vases can give a modish look.

4.    Decorated with flowers:

4. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

Some people like the flowers and we see in their many things the touch of flower is much more so they like flowers in the decoration of their walls .You can make different colorful patterns with cardboard and paste it on your wall if your wall is white then navy blue, maroon and black can go well. The creative designing has a benefit that you should not be restricted with a same paint rather you can remove it because it is in stickers and tattoo shapes. On the day of valentine you can use the red flowers stickers and many others thing and express your love on the valentine day with such wall designing. Flowers bail are very good thing to decorate white wall  you can hang colorful bail on the  walls and if you don’t like bail then with a white color clothe you can paste different plants  o0n that fabric and hang on the wall.

5.    Decorated   wall for babies :

5. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

If you are going to be decorated your baby’s room and in search of such designs which are very attractive and charming on your white wall then you can paste  your baby’s all pictures in small sizes and in heart shapes. Mostly heart shapes are good and suggestive but you can make different cartoon characters which is the favorite of your babies but if you don’t like cartoon characters then you can use colorful balloons with light colors stickers and you can lit the lamps and chandeliers on their room which lights are very dim and slow and not effected on the baby’s eyes. Then your children can enjoy in their rooms.

6.    Decorated  wall of bedrooms:

6. how to decorate plain white walls without painting

When we   talk about the decoration of house and leave our bedroom then it is impossible because bedroom is such a place where we feel comfort then we should make such environment  of our bedroom  which  can give us rest. Your bedroom  can be very  calm place if you decorate it in a good and elegant manner .White paint is best  for your bedroom then you can hang   your old memories pictures and sceneries because white walls and pictures  and colorful sceneries are  very best .


Be creative and make your home fully decorated with your hands because it gives you most creative and with creativity opens your mind and gives you happiness.


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