Simple and Gorgeous Wedding Decoration

| October 26, 2016

Wedding is a day when everybody in the happy mood because the day is full of happiness but in the wedding after the bridal people notices your  decoration because  decoration has much importance in the wedding .the new ideas  of decoration is very much  inn in the market that can make your wedding outclass  in the wedding when all the people make the photos and when they will see they will remember that  moments and praise your decoration .some decorations are  in the hotel se in the lawn and some are arranged in the  houses  so you  can decorate these all places according to the time and the season because the season is much matter  in  everything so the  decoration which you do that is not much  difficult you can do it at your home because the  decoration expert demands too much which everyone can’t be afford so you should not be afraid from them you can do it  so here I have some ideas to decorate  the wedding place  which are very good.

Bottle decoration:


Spare bottles of the  beer ,wine or any drink is must  available at your home you can decorate it with the different ways  take two bottles and paint on it  according to the dresses of the groom and bride black for the groom and white for the  bride  you can write the name of the both on the  bottles  and wrap it with the colorful ribbons  on the groom bottle use the bow tie and  on the bride bottle veil style is common. You can keep it on the table of the wedding where the bride and groom will be entering.

Curtains decoration:


In the wedding different decoration look very awesome so if your wedding is arranged in the lounge then you can use the colorful lights and the bulb   it create a good look so in the wedding you can hang the net curtain with the colorful  theme so when the groom and  bride passes through this net it create beautiful scene and a good picture will be captured in the curtain.  And in the side of the aisle you can keep the flower pots.

Rustic style wedding:


The rustic style is very common among the  people because it look so nice in the autumn season because  the leaves are  become yellow very few leaves are on the tree the naked wood with the  decoration things look so beautiful  so take some jars and  fill the plants in it with the colorful flowers  and the different lights . light color rustic flowers are good  you can make it colorful with paint and add the pictures of the groom and bride.

Wedding on hilly sides:


The wedding places are too much you can arranged the wedding at any place  so you can decorate the  wedding  aisle with the colorful flowers and the lamps because it look gorgeous when you enter   in the wedding place the place where the groom and the bride will wear the rings to each other that place will be decorated in fabulous  way  at the back of the stage you can  lit the lamps and the lantern  and where the cake will  be kept that counter is decorated will be  flowers and the candles if you want to make the  door style in the wedding place then use the colorful curtains  in the back and the side of the stage.

Dining table decoration:


In the wedding when guest are invited then you have to arrange a big meal for them but of you have not  arranged too much dishes then you can serve it in a good way that will always remind them  because  the presenting way is good  on the dining table you can use the beautiful fancy candles and the  flowers according the bride dress and the cover of tables ,chair and napkin  will be same  so on the wedding you can  lying the flowers  vine on the table with  colorful lights and the  lamps in side of the chairs.

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