Branded Formal and Semi Formal Dresses by Alexis Mabille

| September 2, 2015

Alexis Mabille:

Alexis Mabille is a Parisian based ionized and captivating fashion designer. And this talented person is the creative director of his name sake brand and always reveals some extraordinary trendy and modern dresses. He was born in the year 1977 in middle class France based family, Layon.  He became such a talented and passionate designer because her mother is keenly interested in fashion and taught him how to use thread and needle.

Current Presentation:

Our current drafted presentation is intra linked with the display of beautiful and stylish ideas of dresses for girls launched by a captivating designer Alexis Mabille. This collection reveals western trend with the amalgamation of classy and dulcet shades.

Mini Skirt with Loose Top:

1 Alexis Mabille  Ready To Wear 2016 (14)

This western and elegant ready to wear outfit is completely ravishing and gives you a perfect casual or semi formal appearance according to modern themes. This simple yet elegant style is completely eye catching for girls.

Capri with Over Coat:

2 Alexis Mabille  Ready To Wear 2016 (19)

Here this outfit is very easy to handle and perfect for hanging out or for professional ladies while going outside in winter season. High heels with this classy ready to wear enhance the charm in your personality and express your classy style statement.

Self printed Ready to Wear Outfit in Blue and Black:

3 Alexis Mabille  Ready To Wear 2016 (20)

This self printed outfit is suitable for both casual wear and formal wear in light events like office parties, meetings, get together etc.

Pant Suit for Professional Ladies:

4 Alexis Mabille  Ready To Wear 2016 (23)

Yeah it’s an idea ready to wear dress for professional or working ladies. They may not generally have much time to spend on selection and stitching of clothes so here we present a perfect example of ready to wear outfit for working ladies exclusively launched by Alexis Mabille.

Cool Outfit for Ladies by Alexis Mabille:

5 Alexis Mabille  Ready To Wear 2016 (9)

This is really a cool and pleasant effects outfit for girls and perfectly suitable when they are going to hang out with friends or for university. Whole appearance include bunch of colors which emerge this model in appealing way.

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