Dawood Textile Summer Lawn Collection for Women

| June 12, 2014

About Dawood Textile:

Dawood Textile is one of the very well-known clothing industries. It was established by the Haji Muhammad Dawood.  This industry start its work from a very small scale but with the passage of time due to its high quality production of clothes it makes a very good place into the hearts of people & now it becomes one of the leading clothing companies of Pakistan. In each season Dawood Textile launched its new seasonal collection such as the 2014 Summer Lawn collection for women. Dawood Textile has expanded its business by entering itself into the international market of clothing. Now it has a very good reputation not on national but also on international level.

New Summer Lawn Dresses Collection by Dawood Textile:

Dear Ladies, if you are waiting for the Dawood Textile New Summer Lawn then you wait must ends here because on this page you can explore the 2014 Dawood Summer Lawn prints.

2014 Lawn Print by Dawood Textile:

Mostly, the great emphasizes is given to the prints of shirts. Each shirt has a unique back & front print. The sleeves are also embellished with very amazing prints. U or V shapes floral prints around the front necklines are looking very fabulous.

Different Colors of Lawn Dresses:

If we cast a look at the color schemes then it is accurate to say that this collection is a combination of light & bright colors. Basically at the arrival of summer you need some bright & fresh color. Dawood Textile New Summer Lawn collection fulfills this requirement.

Cheap Summer Lawn Suits:

Girls & women these lawn suits are very cheap because their prices are very reasonable. This collection is now available into all outlets of Dawood Textile which are located into different big & small cities of Pakistan.

1 nice summer wear dress collection by Dawood Textile (1)

2 women qwear dress Dawood Textile for summer (1)

3 printed dress Dawood Textile New Summer Lawn (1)

4 summer wear dress by Dawood Textile collection (3)

5 long women wear dress for girls by Dawood Textile (2)

6 beautiful Dawood Textile New Summer Lawn  dress for girls (2)

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