Dolce and Gabbana Men Latest 2014 Collection

| June 4, 2014

Designer Domenico Dolce born 1958 in Sicily and Stefano Gabbana had born 1962 in Milano.  They are best and famous Italian designers. D&G has many products like children girls and boys collection, women and men collection, Jewelry, perfumes, sun glasses, foot wear etc. Both patterns D&G in life and in business, the pair met while working as assistants in atelier in Milan.

D&G brand started their fashion brand with two little stars. When they launched their first collection, they were poor and can’t afford model’s requirements and their friends help them. The first collection was launched in 1985 and now they earned fame and enhanced recognition in every world of corner. Here, we are going to introduce about D&G men modern latest collection.

This collection consists on dress and jeans pants, shirts, weskits, coat, knot tie and bow tie. Specific colors used in this collection such as black, blue, white, grey, off white, and brown. These colors demonstrate men’s personality. You can use two piece (shirt and pent) with weskit or coat. Both weskit and coat can wear together.

Light color shirt and dark color pent & coat looks gorgeous. Modish boys like bow tie and decent person knot tie. You can use tie according your choice. These ready to wear collection for men is glamorous and fabulous for office parties, meeting or wedding functions.

beautiful dolce and gabbana men wear dress

black and brown color dolce and gabbana men modern

black and white dolce and gabbana  modern dress for men

black color dolce and gabbana for men wear

dolce and gabbana men modern latest

dolce and gabbana men modern latest 2014 collection

dolce and gabbana men modern wear

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