Highlight of Manav Gangwani India Couture Week 2016

| September 8, 2016

Manav gangvani india couture week 2016 collection and designs

This year manav has arrived with creative and traditionally highlighted bridal collection in front of people which is labeled with utmost interesting and well suited name of Begum-e-Jannat. This collection is inspired from not modern era but mughal era. Such type co collection has been arrived to our sight for long time. This collection captured mughat era with proper sensuality.

Every aspect of collection is based upon royal designs and even color combinations are vibrantly related to mughal era. Subtitle and title of such fascinating collection touches emotions of viewers as it reminds all the ladies and people who lived in forts for long time and lead life of amaze and fascination.

We will give out some highlights of designing and shading of that remarkable collection for sake of proper understanding of collection toward people. Designing ideas are inspired from wearing of royal mughal era and coloring scheme is probably darker in shades as women of that era like to wear such thick color to enhance out their charm. Material utilized in collection is prominently velvet on which each traditional work appeals out more. Just take a look

Royal crop top bridal dress:


Manav gangwani india couture week 2016 bridal dress:


Navy blue royal mughal style bridal dress:


Peacock blue velvet bridal dress:


Manav ganwani bridal dress:


Manav gangwani couture week:


Manav gangwani new style bridal dress:


Manav gangwani creative bridal dress:


Maroon royal bridal dress:



Manav gangwani bridal collection 2016:

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