Latest Dolce & Gabbana Colorful Net Fabric Designs for Girls 2015

| September 19, 2015

Dolce & gabbana

Dolce & gabbana is considered as italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in legnano by italian designers domenico dolce and stefano gabbana. This fashion house launches exclusive fashion line on eventual basis.
Current presentation
Our currently maintained presentation is based upon fine and resplendent designs for women, designed and displayed by elevated italian fashion house named as dolce & gabbana.

Black and white creative dress design for girls

1Dolce & Gabbana net fabric collection for 2016 women (14)

Black and white: black and white are considered as utmost adopted and used color specially in combination. Black color refers to bold and dark while white color refers to peace and calmness. These both color when amalgamated, bring about something glamorous.
We have drafted utmost dazzling and gracious black and white mini dress segment for girls based upon well textured condensed black and white fabric material. Upper portion of dress is accomplished with slight lace work and lower skirt portion with creative fashion art.

Red net dress for girls

2Dolce & Gabbana net fabric collection for 2016 women (11)

Net fabric: net fabric is current fashion demand and recently dolce & gabbana has launched their fashion line based upon light and heavy net fabric material. Net fabric is brilliant to give out some texture to even simplest form of dresses.
As you can observe that we have drafted exclusive fashion mini dress designs for girls based upon net fabric material in red shaded. Accomplishment is done with appealing red floral designing on whole net material which is providing massive texture to dress.


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