Marni 2014 RTW Spring Summer Collection for Ladies

| June 24, 2014

About Marni:

Marni is basically an Italian fashion house which is established in the year of 1994. The main designer who works behind is the Castiglioni. She uses fur for making modern & styli clothes as a normal fabric. This company starts its business from a very small scale but now it is one of the very popular fashion houses of Italy. Along with ready to wear casual & formal wear the brand also introduced the styli handbags, beautiful jewelry items & eyewear. Marni is always comes with new trends of fashion that’s why lots of people think that Marni is basically a trend-setter fashion house.

Marni Spring Summer 2014 Collection:

Here I am, going to show the latest collection of clothes for ladies which is launched by the Marni fashion house for this 2014 Spring & Summer Season. Along with dresses the stylish handbags are also launched for highly fashion conscious ladies. In this collection you can see the tops with skirts & pants, coats, boxy tops, tea & ballerina length outfits, bomber jackets, tunics, belted dresses, nipped waisted jackets, & lots stylish formal plus casual wear outfits. You can see that most of the dresses are printed while some are plain. The floral appliqué is also done on some outfits. Overall it is really a very wonderful collection for this season. The blossoming prints are also looking very impressive. A combination of lighter & heavier fabric is used.

Marni Ready-to-Wear Collection:

This collection is a complete RTW Collection. Now you need only to visit the nearly located outlet of Marni Fashion House & buy the dress. Then just wear it whether casually or formally because each dress is designed in such a way that you can use for both purposes.

Stylish &n Colorful 2014 Collection of Outfits:

So, dear ladies, this is a very stylish collection. I hope you will appreciate the efforts of the team of designers who work hard for making such a fabulous collection for you.  The decision of using the diametrically opposed color schemes is very good. Body fitted outfits can play a vital role in order to give you a stylish look. Take a look at the gallery!

stylish Marni springsummer 2014 collection dress

printed Marni springsummer 2014 collection dress

girls wear Marni springsummer 2014 collection (1)

formal Marni dress springsummer 2014 collection

black color Marni springsummer 2014 collection

white and black color Marni springsummer 2014 collection


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