Beautiful Traditional Sarees of West Bengal

| June 5, 2015

Sari is associated with grace and is widely regarded as the symbol of Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan culture. Sarees are extensively draped by the women in West Bengal and is their basic apparel. Bengali women are known for their beauty, voice and culture. Bengali sarees are adorable that can be worn in traditional and fashionable way. Women wear sarees for parties, functions, weddings as well as casually.

The plain white saree with red border is the classic saree of Bengali women. This saree is famous in world wide as this shows the traditional look of women. Moreover pure silk, Jamdani, Kantha stich, pure cotton, Dhaka, tangali, Murshidabad silk, Baluchari silk, Phullia cotton, and Shantipur cotton are wide range of Bengali sarees. Among these wide range of sarees tant, cotton sarees, Jamdani, Kantha stich, and pure silk is most favorite and popular sarees of Bengal.

In ruler areas women always wear sarees but in urban areas western tradition clothes also in. here we have stylish Bengali sarees collection. Take a look! Traditionally Bengali style draped white saree with red border (called tant) is showing the perfect beauty of Bengalis women. Silk red saree is looking alluring and mostly women worn such wonderful saree on wedding ceremony. Cotton saree is also one of women’s favorite attire.
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1 traditional sarees of west bengal (3)

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2 west bengal tradtional sarees

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4 traditional sarees of west bengal (9)

5 west bengal tradtional sarees (2)

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