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| August 11, 2014

Fancy Dresses for Kids:

Kids are also very much conscious about various styles, colors & designs of fancy dresses which they want to wear on their annual school function or party. Mostly, at the end of each educational year, every school arranges a grand party of a function. Teachers & kids start preparation before many days of this function. Kids can participate into the dramas, modeling, tableau drama, dancing etc. For doing all these things very properly & accurately especial types of costumes are required. So, on this I am, basically, going to discuss all about the fancy dresses which mostly required at the arrival of school functions.

Before choosing a costume or a fancy dress for your kid (whether a girl or a boy) you should keep some points into your mind such as it must be durable & comfortable to wear so that your kid can never feel any kind of irritation. Secondly, try to choose bright colors because these colors always give a very cheerful impact. Thirdly, take a perfect fit of your kid’s figure into your mind before buying a readymade costume.

Now let’s have a look at the following fancy dresses. This collection is an assortment of eastern & western fancy dresses for kids. I hope that you would like it!

Fancy Costumes for Indian Kids:

1 fancy dresses for school functions

If you live in India then you will surely need dresses according to your culture. Although, India is a multi-cultured country but the Hinduism is seemed a dominant culture. So, in the above picture you can see some especially designed Hindu culture dress. These dresses can be used for doing various Indian historical dramas.

Indian Politician Costume:

2 fancy dresses for school functions (1)

In this picture you can see a very little & cute kid who appears in Hindu Politician costume. If your kid is also going to become a politician on this school function then this costume idea is just right for him.

Sindhi Fancy Dresses for School Functions:

3 fancy dresses for school functions (2)

Let’s talk about the Pakistani culture; in this picture you can a girl & boy into Sindhi costumes (Sindh is a province of Pakistan). The boy appears in white color Salwar kameez & Ajrak on his shoulders. A white color cultural turban is also used on head. Girl appears in a mirror work dress.

Fairy Costumes for Little Girls:

4 fancy dresses for school functions (4)

In this picture you can see the little girls who wear fairy tale costumes on school function. so, if your little girl is also going to become a fairy on this coming school function this color of dress is perfect for her.

Jacquard Juliet Costume:

5 fancy dresses for school functions (7)

Have a look at this western style costume. It is known as Jacquard Juliet Costume. Little girls can wear it on Romeo Juliet tableau drama.

Kashmiri Culture Dresses for School Function:

6 fancy dresses for school functions (5)

Take a look at these fancy dresses. These are designed by taking inspiration from Kashmir culture. Little boy & girl both are looking really very cute.

Spiderman & Other Costumes:

7 fancy dresses for school functions (6)

In this picture you can various types of fancy dresses such as jugnoo dress I mean firefly costume, spider man costume, Mickey Mouse costume; frock costume etc. Similarly there is a variety of options for you to select a costume for your kid. I hope you will like the ideas!

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