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| January 24, 2017

To have the best of both worlds style and comfort in winter you have to pay full attention to your wardrobe either it is fill with winter clothes and accessories or not. Definitely you would desire to safe your body from cold outside and for fashion you cannot sacrifice your own comfort. Especially for man this will look very awkward to keep shivering and looking uneasy with the outfit.

Whatever you wore must give priority to your comfort and in winter you have to wear such clothes that can keep you warm. So the good news is that you do not need to sacrifice your stylish look if it is the coldest season. Combining some clothes and accessories you can look style-statement and believe that wearing too much clothes still you can look a dashing man. But how you can dress up in the cold season to look fashion-statement let us see here:

For casual look:

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This way of dressing is very casual in winter to put on different clothes mixing and matching them because winter provides you a large room to match different clothes together. But do it in a classy manner. First you can wear a button-down shirt of denim material then wore a warmer middle layer that could help to keep you warm and lastly select a stylish cardigan or sweater with earthy color that look proper with the pants. A coat knitted of wool will help you keep warm and will protect you from wind. Leather hiking boots will make your look complete and will keep your foot warm. These pair of shoes will complement all your dressing. You can tuck the cough of trousers into the shoes.

To have professional look:

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For looking professional consider this way of dressing and you will have a gentle man look. Wearing collared shirt with tie you can wear four piece suit with vest and then wear a large size coat over it. An overcoat with dark color will help you stand out in the crown. With this way of clothing you will exude masculine factor a lot. Further more you will feel warm and comfy in so many clothes that are arranged very well.

Jackets and coats:

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Jackets and coats are essentials for winter. Man looks very dashing with jacket style coat. You can pair jacket style coat with pull over or turtle neck style sweater with pants. Color combination is very necessary while you pair different clothes they must go right for each other. Wearing gloves with this attire have an ideal hero look. While you can pair leather jacket with pull over and trousers with hiking boots. With a winter hat you can protect your hairs from cold and can have a young boy look.

Muffler or scarves for winter season:

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With muffler or scarves you can make your winter safe and stylish. Different ways of wearing scarves make you look fabulous with your good fashion sense. With belted pant you can opt for a shirt or pull over for second layer then add a blazer over it and have an amazing look. To add more glamour to your look wear a scarf in stylish way around the neck and have a sensible person look in your attire. With a trench coat with loose pants you can wrap a muffler around the neck to look chic and fashionable.

So winter is not a restriction to the way of your style but it give you more options to add more clothes together and look trendy and classy. With stylish look you can enjoy your winter in better way and the look the different attires will lend you will make you wish to have winter again soon.

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