Fashion Ideas For Guys Different Occasion Dressing Style To Look Smart & Dashing

| July 20, 2017

In this world of fashion where girls are crazier about fashion trends, guys are not put of this fashion race. There are thousands of articles about girls dressing and style ideas so we have decided to talk about men’s dressing ideas and this post is specially designed for guys to tell them about different trendy looks for different occasions and seasons.

Your dressing sense also tells others you sense of decisions making power and sense of fashion, so be careful for your dressing. Because your dressing speaks a lot about your overall personality and with your dressing you can throw the very first good impression on people.

Wearing stylish, trendy and suitable outfit for working place you can leave good image on the mind of people. You are not supposed to come with model look in office but to get respect you must go for wok with decent and somber dressing.

Pair your button down crisp white collared shirt with grey pants and black necktie and if the weather is too cold then combine your outfit with a button down cozy vest, and quilted jacket. Wear dark grey color ankle shoes and hold black leather laptop bag in your hand to make your style statement.

For funkier look don this outfit, white color t-shirt is tucked in floral print bottom wears which can be a trouser or pant and red color coat.

This dark grey color suit is perfect to wear for formal events as formal meeting, presentation, dinner or wedding ceremony also and a groom can also consider this dressing style for his reception or wedding day. White color shirt with blue thin stripes designing is teamed with tiny checked print golden color necktie and dark grey color coat and pants looking very nice.

If a guy is going to meet someone special/girlfriend very first time then he must opt this dressing style to throw a very good first impression on her. Black and white tiny checked designing button down shirt is combined with dark grey pants and brown color coat is making the simple outfit nice looking and a guy will look smart and dashing by wearing this outfit.

For hot summer season this dressing style is perfect for working guys, light grey color button down shirt with rolled cuffed is looking very nice, paired with light and dark grey combination printed necktie and grey pants looking fantastic. A working guy can make his casual office look smart and impressive.
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