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| March 26, 2016


Dresses  are  not remain in same style rather it becomes change with the time  and some fashions are continue  fir many time as we can say that these fashions are evergreen  and some nations  are famous in their dressing like France , Indian, and Arabian etc  their dressing style are so much good and charming  .In the dressing of France the touch of flowers is much more  because they are inspired from the natural beauty of Paris .Fashion can tell us the people that  which type of people are lived in this culture because the  effect of fashion is seen  on the people of  that place rather France is very  famous due to his taste  in fashion and  France is foremost with top fashionists countries like Germany, USA,Italy  and  Japan. When the fashion was new then France has introduced it in 17 century which is  still  in trend there are many fashion designer who belong to the France and  France is consider the  center part of the fashion.  Here I have different collection of French style dresses  which I like to share with you.

Styles of dresses:

0. French Floral style outfits most amazing collection

There are many types in French style dresses  which are so much trendy and give you a cool  look and these dresses are apt for the formal and informal both .

Jeans styles:

1. French Floral style outfits most amazing collectionRough jeans, long blazer and basic jeans is very inn in the fashion of France you can wear it with high heels and leave your hair open. Boyfriend jeans with plain t shirt with high heel sandal is best for college students they can wear fancy shirt with this pent in a party .In winter season many ladies like to carry coats which look so nice then you can wear long coat with skinny jeans and plain top but if you are going in get together party then wear fancy coat and formal shirt for the party look.

Maxi styles:

2. French style outfits most amazing collection

Maxi style is very famous for parties and wedding ceremonies and these maxis are available in so many designs and style ankle length maxi ,full length and knee length  maxis are worn in French style and when it is in the floral style it look gorgeous   with the maxi you can wear high heels and pumps both because  it  is stitched in different ways some are simple and some are pleated  but it is best for going out in summer because it  protects you from sun if it is full length  and with this you can carry hat . In floral style simple  stuff is best but when you purchase it for formal wear then you can go with net, silk ,tissue and appliqué stuff because it can enhance your beauty.

Skirt styles:

3. French style outfits most amazing collection

Skirts  can carry at  any event it give you chic look and you look younger from your actual age because skirts are basically made for teen aged girls  so when you wear you look something innocent. So if you want to carry skirt then pleated is good if you are smart pleated skirt with plain t shirt  is good with flat sandal and silver pumps also good for your black skirt. Polka dot is made for kids but now in fashion of girls you can wear polka dot top with box pleated skirt  and for increasing the beauty you can use sun glasses it gives you a good street style beauty. Fit and flare skirt with simple top is looking gorgeous when you put on in any public place.

Shorts style:

4. French style outfits most amazing collection

In summer many girls like to wear short dresses because they feel hotness in full dress so the girls which are so much trendy and hot they can wear vertical shape t shirt with shorts with wedges and   cork high heels  the girls who have short height they should not wear horizontal style shirt because it show you more shorter  so  shorts are carried  with different stlye and pattern it is up to you.

Friendly advice:

French style dresses are mostly wear in many countries because every fashion come from the
France and this country is considered leading company of all fashion companies  and   the fashion of France remain evergreen you can wear it  anytime with little changing .

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