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| March 30, 2016

Traditional Maori outfits of New Zeeland culture

New Zeeland is developed Southwestern country that is consist of Pacific Ocean in which almost 4.472 inhabitants are living those have subculture customs in which main prominent is  “Maori” culture that is also original citizens of New Zeeland. There 70% people belong with Christian religion but Maori believe on many gods & their praying way is also different from North Island people of New Zeeland.
Today, the main topic of discussion is Maori traditional clothes those they wear on festive & especial occasion like evening dance gathering, for fighting or as sign of sacred dress. Maori look eccentric scared in their traditional appearance because they wear minimalist dresses on body like women flax skirt & fringes top while men merely tire waist & shoulder belts with animals’ hairs cloaks to dress up your bodies. Women especially wear flax formatted braided style apparel & capes those stunningly adorned by flax fiber & puppy coat. These Maori traditional outfits are main reorganization of their culture. They ethnically create different types of tattoos on body in which ladies especially draw tattoos on lips & chic in frightened gaze while men adorn their full body by intricate tattoo designs those considered there as a sign of sacred art that called monk.
Here, I intricacy collected traditional Maori clothes those are strange in demonstration with their unusual decoration. Flax fiber is main using material in their ethnic outfits that used to design Khakhu dress. Various miniature beads used to make strands those are put together with their outfits.

1.    Maori kids traditional dresses’

1 Little girl in ethnic new zeeland dress

Maori mostly known by their ethnic cultural dance performance in which men, women and kids all are expert. Here, you are seeing little girls are dancing with her straight hands by wearing flax skirt with fringes decoration. Forehead band is strictly bond to accomplish perfect Maori dress up.

2.    Ethnic fringes skirt dresses for Maori girls

5 praying way of maori people

Have an glance on these fabulous artistic traditional Maori women clothes those are mostly consists of white, red & black tints and formatted in strappy shoulder & geometric bodice with fringes skirt. Headband is vital accessory of their cultural dress that carried with long loose hairs.

3.    Maori men in artistic tattoo & ethnic attires

8 maori warrior men (2)

New Zeeland men are really very bold & powerful through their body those take heavy food to nourish their body that’s reason they are called terrified warriors and vigorously fights in wars. Look at the face tattoo of Maori leader and the dresses of warriors. Their head crown & animal skin coat indicates their unique living style.

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