Hairstyles Ideas for Girls With Saree

| January 20, 2017

Hairstyles can change your overall look and it makes you beautiful because the hairstyle is fully affected on your face .hairstyle is made according to your face shape  because no one has same face shape it is different of all people .there are many hairstyles which are common now a days for the ladies it make you  gorgeous in the eyes of others  as just like layer , step ,  u cut  and many other haircuts are inn among the  ladies but it  is on their wish that what they want to adopt and make it hairstyle .

saree is the traditional dress of the  ladies the  Indian ladies carry the saree dress on their formal functions , semi formal and casually  but in the Muslim countries the women carry  saree but only in their formal functions as just like wedding  anniversary party  and so on .

the hairstyle with the saree male your look complete because if you are wearing the formal saree and make the simple hairstyle it look so bore and not looking good when you are going outside your dress is not only seen  by the others rather the  hairstyle footwear and the makeup is  also good then you look perfect .

Hairstyle with silk banarsi saree:

1. Top 6 bold Hairstyles for Sarees

Hairstyle in the different way are made by us the high bun in the twisted style is looking nice with the yellow and green silk banarsi saree you can make the top bun and embellish your hair with the kajray and carry heavy jewelry because the saree is in the traditional dress the Indian lady is in the silk banarsi saree high bun and the bindi on the forehead with the jhumka and the necklace the senior ladies do this fashion.

Chiffon saree with messy curly hair:

2. Top 6 bold Hairstyles for Sarees

Sonam Kapoor who is the famous celebrity of the Bollywood she is looking so fabulous in the light blue color saree and the elegant hairstyle. The saree with full sleeves and the pearl embellished is looking so nice you can make the center parted hair in the messy curly hair twisted you can carry the kundan jewelry and the pins in the pearl embellishing in your hair for the decent and royal look.  With this saree you can make the simple curly hair it look also great on your long face.

Side braid with saree:

3. Top 6 bold Hairstyles for Sarees

With the saree the open hair don’t look nice because the saree is the traditional dress and the open hair are in the fashion so make the messy curly braid at one side  with  your trendy saree  the trendy saree in the two shaded is looking awesome  messy braid  with twisted  hair  is giving you a decent and formal look if you carry long earring because with the round shaped face long earrings are apt. for the mehandi function this get up is best for the ladies.

Saree with ponytail:

4. Top 6 bold Hairstyles for Sarees

Nargis Fakhri is so cute celebrity of the Bollywood she looks  decent in all type of dresses whether it is in the Shalwar kameez, lehenga  choli, pent shirt  or the saree because she has so hot and beautiful figure on her long height and smart  back everything look so cool the hairstyle with the saree is in the becumin and the ponytail  high becumin with  ponytail is giving you a nice look  with it you can carry the high heel black sandal because saree is also in the black and blue color.

Straight hair with saree:

5. Top 6 bold Hairstyles for Sarees

All the hairstyles are looking nice except the new and the stylish  styles because the new are something trendy and classy and you  can’t make the classy hair with your classic dresses  Shilpa Shetty is in the saree she is beauty icon due to her figure she is in the yellow  mirror  embellished saree  the open hair are looking gorgeous  with this saree you can make the half up and half down hairstyle for the gorgeous look  the chiffon saree is good for the open hair because that is very light weighted with it you can make the bun  sided twisted and leave hair open.

Multi twisted and braided bun:

6. Top 6 bold Hairstyles for Sarees

The girls can make the different hairstyle on the  formal functions with their different dresses because hairstyle can change your overall look  so with  your simple saree make the  formal bun and if you are going  in  the wedding ceremony then with the fancy saree make the  fancy style  so make the multi birded hairstyle with the top bun  and embellish it with the beads and the stones for the great look  with this hairstyle you can use the Maatha Patti and the mang tikka for the formal look.

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