How To Put On Ripped Jeans In Stylish Way

| March 22, 2017

Denim is the favorite of this generation and the craze of the people have enforced to introduce new styles and techniques to wear these garments for example ripped jeans. These ripped jeans are worn to have street style look and not only for that but if paired with right upper garments then these can be worn on casual or semi-party functions.

Ripped jeans help to give style-statement look and girls and boys are following this trend crazily. With the arrival of the new season the fashion of ripped jeans is still there but now it will be paired with some other fabric that can go perfect with the atmosphere.

To give you ideas how you can pair your ripped jeans with different upper garments here are the examples for you:

Ripped jeans with white top:

1. ripped jeans in different style (1)

Don this ripped jeans with white color top and have decent and fabulous look. Young girls will love to wear this outfit. This is looking very sophisticated and stylish paired with peep toe style high heel sandals,.

Nude color accessories are must to keep in wardrobe as they look suitable with most of the suits. Antique style necklace and karra will give you stunning and striking look. Let your tresses open with side parted hairstyle and exude the ultimate vines of feminism.

Ripped jeans with striped t-shirt:

2. ripped jeans in different style (5)

Striped t-shirt with ripped jeans seems to have nothing extra ordinary but when you do not want to look overboard with your outfit then opt for this casual way of dressing and coupled with leather sandals you can complete your dressing.

You can go with braid and with cross shoulder bag, pendant and bracelet finish off your look. This style is doable for college or university going girls when they are in mood to have simple but stylish look. You will feel very comfy in this outfit in the summer season.

Ripped jeans with one shoulder top:

You can make ripped jeans semi-party outfit making it paired with a stylish upper garment. One shoulder top made of crochet fabric is looking marvelous and giving amazing beauty to the lady. With tiger printed ankle strap heel shoes you can add glamour to your outfit.

With this dressing make a stylish hairstyle as bouncy curls will look very nice to do with the ripped jeans. A very light pink rosy make-up will make your look elegant in this street style material.

Ripped jeans for the time of travel:

4. ripped jeans in different style (11)

At the time of going somewhere either o tour or on a long distance you can wear this ripped jeans with top having key hole neckline along with a long black coat. And in the picture shown here the other option is to wear the jeans with black top and motor bike jacket. Bothe dresses will go perfect with code shoes or pointed pumps. You will look very chic and modern in these outfits with trendy look.

Black ripped jeans with grey crop top:

5. ripped jeans in different style (6)

Wear this black ripped jeans with grey color crop top and have awesome look. With joggers you can complement the dress. Modish girls and fashionista would like to try this outfit to look stylish and attractive. Long straight tresses will look very nice with this attire and at the time of going for jogging this way of dressing will look very suitable for girls.

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