how to Wear Pocket Square Tips and Rules

| March 2, 2016

The pocket square, also known by the name pockerchief or handkerchief, is a very small, yet significant piece of men’s accessories. Some brands, such as Ulterior Motive, which offer both ties and pocket squares to their customers


For many guys, this puts them in some difficulty, as choosing to be exactly matched pocket square is the easy way out. There is only one rule when it comes to matching your suit to your pocket square, and this is that they shouldn’t match. Your pocket square should always be in contrast with your suit. Never pair a black suit coat with a black pocket square. It will blend in and won’t even be noticeable.



Just because your tie should not match your pocket square, doesn’t mean that they should be picked at random. For example the pocket square pattern is paisley, but the shirt is checkered. This works due to the randomness but yet complimentary colors. This generally involves choosing two warmer colors or two cooler colors.


Plain color styles are an absolute must, their simplicity and lack of pattern making them easy to match with your ensemble. Once you’ve got your plain color bases covered, it’s time to introduce contrasting shirt, Colors in rich jewel tones like burgundy, navy, and bottle green, as well as fail-safe neutrals like white, grey and black.



If the tie is of solid color and the pocket square has a pattern or a print. In this case, one of colors of the pocket square can be the color of the tie, but not mandatory. For a more subtle look, you can opt that the color that reoccurs to be in a different shade on the pocket square.



The fabric of the pocket square should also be different than the fabrics from which the jacket and tie are made. Most suits are made from wool; a nice pocket square can be made from silk. Silk and wool go great together. If your suit is made from a rather fine material, you can add a rougher pocket square, maybe even something with a texture.




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