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| July 26, 2014

Aijazz aslam :

Aijazz aslam is considered as leading fashion designer as well as talented Pakistani actor. Before joining television world, he acquires his education concerning fashion designing from London. He took his initiate step in modeling field in 1989 and excessively acquires eminence in short time.

Current presentation:

Our current presentation is concerned with display of trendy wedding collection of both bride and groom designed by elevated Pakistani fashion designer as well as talented actor known as aijazz aslam.

Beautiful top 10 wedding designs by aijazz aslam:

Look upon our fascinating collection concerning wedding wear regarding both bridal and groom, you will come to known that each and every item placed in trendy batch is soothingly fabricated with pure material which is accomplished with utmost contrasts of fashion up do dated colors like orange, pink, blue, red, black, white, green, purple and navy blue which are further jeweled with sleek embroidery techniques encrusted with stones, motifs and beads to bring about fascination in it as well as wearer.

Suitable for:

Such presented batch is drafted only for brides and groom so that they look glamorous on their wedding eve.

Wedding Dresses by Aijazz Aslam (8)

Wedding Dresses by Aijazz Aslam (2)

Wedding Dresses by Aijazz Aslam (5)

Wedding Dresses by Aijazz Aslam (6)



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