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| March 29, 2016

Trendy Casual Summer Dressing Ideas for Men:

Spring season is on its peak now & of course after spring you should be ready to welcome the summer season.  Do you like summer season? Well, there are two opinions about this weather, one category of people agree on the point that it is hot season & they never like it because they think that it brings hotness, irritation, skin allergy & sweating while on the other hand some people love it because in this weather they can wear short clothes, they can enjoy swimming in cold pools, they can visit beach or sea sides, they can drink cold beverages etc. Some fashion loving people think that due to hotness their makeup starts to melt while some think that sweating actually makes their skin more clean & bacteria free. What’s your opinion about this weather?

Well, here on this page I am not conducting a survey about whether you like summer or not but I add this point into the starting paragraph because I just want to highlight that summer is not a boring season but it is a season to make fashion statement, it is a season to enjoy parties, it is a season to wear short & loose clothes. Yes, you are thinking right I belong from the second category of people. I also want to help you how you can make this boring weather enjoy-full for you. Here I just want to talk about guys. Yes dear boys, can anyone tell me how you can make this season more pleasurable for you? Let me tell you.

Change in Men’s Summer Casual Wear Wardrobe:

First of all, you need to bring a change into your summer wardrobe. Summer means it is a season to try shorts. Yes, dear wear shorts looks very relaxed & make you feel comfortable in summer season. But keep in mind that when you decided to wear shorts then try to apply SPF on your naked legs so that sun rays can never harm your skin.

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Shorts look nice when worn with sneakers. So, you can pair sneakers as best footwear with shorts. With shorts you can try a button down shirt. If you close the buttons then keep your shirt untucked into the shorts, it will actually add some causality. If you like then you can layer button down shirt with pullover over shirt. First wear pullover style shirt, then wear button down style shirt & keep your buttons unclosed.
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There are some men, who never like to wear shorts. They feel hesitation in wearing such mini outfit so dear don’t worry, you can go with simple pant shirt. But I suggest you to play with darker shades in this summer season.
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Play with colors & think about classical & funky color combination (as shown below into the picture. You can combine green with blue, orange with orange with black etc. with pant choose half sleeves shits so that you can feel relaxed.
Some boys like to wear some expressive pullover style shirts. They like funky element. So, they can try those shirts in summer that have some expressive messages, tags, signs & pictures on the front or back side as shown below.
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For feeling more cool & relaxed try the idea of tank tops. In casual wear men can neutral color shirts such as white, beige, light skin etc. Sunglasses are best accessory in order to style into your boring personality.
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