Ruff Jeans Collection for Boys and Girls

| February 16, 2015

The ruff jeans are very common in between of teenager’s boys and girls. Ruff is a label of the jeans which is designs under the many brands. Here we have some collection of this ruff jean. The collection for the ladies jean is also available and the collection for the gents is also available.

For the boys, the ruff jeans are in the different style like the half pent, long pent, and narrow and dress style pants are commonly liked by the teenage boys.

In this collection, there are some cuts on the pent as giving the style. These cuts are on the upper front area of the jean, on the knee and on the upper back side of the jean.

For the girls, the collection of the ruff jean is also very moderate. In this collection the short and half jeans in narrow and dress style are available.

There is the cuts on the upper and lower front area of jean, on the knee and on the back lower area of the jean. These cuts are giving the style to the pent. This collection of the ruff jeans is very popular in the teenager’s boys and girls.

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