Street Style Girl With Turban Style Hijab

| October 21, 2016

Street style fashion is very common among the new generation mostly youth  because they want to do what they like because the street style dresses are different from the others and  they introduce new and trendy dresses  every time .this  style is common mostly in the urban areas in the magazines ,posters ,

newspaper  and  in the photographs  mostly girls and boys carried such dresses  and this fashion is not start from the  magazines posters etc rather it is start from the grass root and now this style is increasing  day by day  and in the street style look many fashions are introducing by the people as just like punk style ,hip-hop style ,hipster ,urban, gothic styles are common among the  people but the dressing is according to the trend because trend never remain same it  change day after day  it is  the famous part of the youth.

Now a day the trend of dresses with the turban style Hijab is very good for the girls because the Hijab is the compulsory for the  Muslim ladies but it is carried by many  non Muslims ladies because Hijab is not a sacred thing for the girls it become the part of fashion so if you are interested in the  street style dressing then stay with us and see the dresses.

One piece dress:


Black color is very gorgeous it gives you a nice look  in the black color you can carry black one piece dress  with rope style belt on the shirt  tie and dye scarf and the turban style  is good with this dress  if you have round face  then Karaca style turban Hijab is nice you can carry this  turban style with the  palazzo pent and the skinny jeans it can give you  a proper street style look.

Shirt with skirt:


The street style girl can carry the floral  button down chiffon stuff shirt with the one slit skirt is looking gorgeous with it you can use the  bun shaped Hijab it is for the formal and casual both places it look nice with the skirt , loose jeans and the romper dress   and you can go with the matching Hijab  with your shirt and the  shoulder bag is  nice choice.

Street style for going on a trip:


Crop top  with the jeans shorts and the long coat  with the net leggings is looking so good it is for the winter season when you carry this dresses in the winter with  funky style turban Hijab it is  best for long faces girls and the high heel long boots  and the  swagger hand bag is  looking nice for the  funky street style look.

Christmas inspired dress:


The Christmas is near and the  girls who are inspired from the dress of Santa louse the dress is embellished with lace stuff and the net  fabric is used on it you can carry long red coat  with belt and the  skinny tights are good for this good  the high heel  pointed coat  shoes   with turban Hijab it is looking so gorgeous with the  red coat red  turban is also good.

Long skirt with shirt:


The teen age girls who study in the  college and universities they can go with the long  Ombre style long maxi and the basic t shirt it is good for going outside with this skirt matching turban Karaca  style  is good  with this dress you can carry the  ankle length  laces shoes  and the clutches are carried by the street style  girls.


In the gallery you can see more Hijab style with the street style dresses  it look awesome when you carry it  at the street places  these dresses are nice choice for the  casual semi formal and the formal dresses with the turban style  karaca ,Turkish ,animal printed ,funky and the   twist  knot ,side knot etc  are very common in the turban Hijab style if you like this Hijab style then you should must  read this article.

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