Stylish Snow Clothing Ideas for plus Size Women

| April 1, 2016

What to Wear in Snowy Season If I have Plus Size?

It the most problematic question for those ladies who have plus size. In snowy season, there is lot of cold everywhere. So, in this freezy weather you need those clothes that can protect your body from the coldness & can provide warmth & cozy feel. So, mostly, opaque stuff clothes are used such as pants, coats, scarves, jackets etc. But these heavy clothes add volume on the body. If you are already a plus size lady then of course the real worry for you is these opaque stuff clothes can make you to look more plus in size. So, dear in snowy season how you can make style statement? Don’t worry, here are few tips. I am sure these will help you a lot. First of all, you need to boost up your confidence level. If you have plus size, then its natural & you cannot deny this fact. Be bold, & don’t hesitate from wearing puffy clothes in winter weather because these clothes are the need of the weather. Secondly, you can follow a diet plan so that you can reduce some fatness. Furthermore, you need to bring change into your wardrobe. For snowy weather, you need special clothes that can fulfill the requirement of the season. First of all add, puffy jacket into your wardrobe. Make sure you bought the right size. Don’t but too loose or too tight.

1 women plus size puffy outerwear  (1)
You can go with high neck puffy jacket with zip closure or Velcro tape closure. Make sure these are waterproof & adjustable waistlines with belt. Secondly, you need to add straight cut special snow pant. These pants resemble from skiing or snowboarding style pants as shown below.
2 women plus size  pant
Thirdly, you can add fur jackets into your wardrobe. Fur not only makes you feel delicate but also provide you a best comfort zone. You can go sleeveless jackets as well as with long sleeves fur jackets as shown below into the picture.
3 women plus size fur jackets (1)
Fourthly, you need special snow coats. In coats you can find a variety from trench coat to tail coat, from toggle closure style to zippered coats. The length of coats can be thigh or knee. You can go with flared coats for looking chic. You can try puffy coats, fleece stuff coats or velvet coats. You may be thinking that “I have already plus size then why I wear puffy coats or puffy jacket?” but dear this puffiness can add more cute, lovely & pretty touch into your personality & stops the cold from touching your body & senses.
4 women plus size snow coats (1)
Think about hooded jackets or coats. This two in one accessory can protect your head & hairs from the immediate or sudden snow fall or rain.
5 hooded women plus size snow clothes (1)
Hooded part with fur edges looks lovelier. These all the most demanded snow clothes for you. But along with these you also need to add mufflers, gloves, scarves, sweater, woolen shirts & other accessories into your winter wardrobe so that you can enjoy the weather with its full delight.

Here I am also going to share some pictures of plus size ladies. These ladies wear best clothes in snowy weather & create chic style statement into the street. You can take ideas from these pictures so that you can also get rock & roll look!

Skinny Denim with Knee Length Boots, White Sweater with Checkered Button down Shirt & Jacket:

women plus size snow clothes street style ideas (1)


Button down Shirt with Denim, Ballerina Flats with Socks & Woolen Muffler Wrapped around Neckline,Bag in hanging on the shoulder:
women plus size snow clothes street style ideas (2)

Grey Pullover Layered with Green Cardigan:

women plus size snow clothes street style ideas (3)

Black Pant, Brown Leather Knee Length Waterproof Boots, White Pullover Shirt Layered with Red Cardigan & Infinity Style Scarf:

women plus size snow clothes street style ideas (4)

Skinny Denim Jeans, Calf Length Boots, White Tank Top with Black Leather Jacket & Sleeveless Fur Jacket, High Updo Hairstyle & a Black & White Clutch in Hand:
women plus size snow clothes street style ideas (5)

Red Winter Coat with Golden Waist Belt & Skinny Denim Pant, High Heel Pointed Toe Pump & a Brown Leather Handbag:

women plus size snow clothes street style ideas (6)

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