The Classy and Modish Yellow Outfits Embroiled With Sindhi Work

| October 20, 2016

Sindhi embroidery which is also known as interlacing embroidery is originated from Sindh basically. Sindhi embroidery is a very good opportunity for women of our country to show their talent. It is a great work of art and women can adopt this work as their profession. Sindh women are famous for this embroidery and they have participated a lot in promoting this fashion.

In Sindhi embroidery beautiful design of flowers and birds are carved. From the beginning the work was done on maroon or black color khaddar fabric but with the passage of time a great transformation can be seen in this art. With the advancement of time a great diversity has changed the style to a great extent in effort to make the dresses look trendy and not out-dated.

Traditional and cultural dress;


The Sindhi dress is basically shalwar kameez and dupatta. Often they drab shawl around which is called ajrak. It is also found embroiled with mirror work and thread work. As the time is moving forward a great change can be seen in this trend. Now different colors have replaced the black and maroon colors. People have moved on from those specific colors to different colors. Obviously you become boar with the same pattern and deign and do need change. Sindh embroidery on yellow color outfit looks very nice and pretty. In Pakistan women wear these yellow color dresses embroiled with needle work of different colorful thread.

Anarkali frock with sindhi work;


Bollywood actress in long hemline frock with fully tighter sleeves and a shawl around her shoulder is looking very pretty and gorgeous. Needle work and mirror work is done on neckline and hemline of the frock. Sleeves of the frock are also embroiled with this Sindhi work. Dupatta on one shoulder is also embroiled with Sindhi work. So it is a good option to wear anarkali frock with Sindhi work on it and have a classical and contemporary look together.

Kurta style shirt with sindhi work;


Sindhi work is traditional and it is famous not in Pakistan but in India too. It finds its roots from Indian culture. Different floral designing is done on shirts with different motives. Some shirts are fully embroiled while some are decorated with Sindhi work only on the neckline. In this designing the perfection in needle work and thread work holds a great significance. It can be seen that to make Sindhi embroidery first the outlines are made then the loops are filled with thread wok and mirror work .It looks truly traditional and cultural even if it is two piece dress. Not only on frocks but kurta style shirts with sindhi embroidery also looks very nice.

Yellow shirt in contrast with white shalwar;


On yellow color dress work done with threads of different colors looks very attractive. Yellow color dresses can be worn on Mehndi in our country’s wedding function. These dresses also look nice on casual meetings as they will give you a decent look.

If it is short shirt or long shirt Sindhi work can maintain the grace of both dresses. The contrast and combination of different colorful threads make the work look outstanding. If yellow color shirt embellished with sindhi work is paired with white shalwar or trousers it will give very elegant look.

If you pair Sindhi designed kurta with jeans it will look very chic and classy. Keep yourself connected with tradition and bring novelty with different experiments and enjoy an alluring and attractive appearance.

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