Top south Indian dresses that make bride spectacular

| February 8, 2017

South Indian bridals look very unique and attractive with their different look and with their dressing and jewelry you will be able to recognize that it is a south Indian bridal. Draped in saree that is traditional in looks she wore heavy make-up and jewelry and looks exquisitely beautiful. Not only saree but south Indian brides also wear lehengas with choli on wedding with heavy kind of jewelry.The wedding day is a big day for a woman and whether it is south Indian, Indian, Pakistani or western bride the feelings are same of all of them.

They all want to look special and full of glory on wedding. They all wanted to have the best of all from dressing to small piece of jewelry. Same is the case with south Indian brides they desire and try to look traditional but with the modish look. The traditional dresses of south Indians are very interesting to see and brides in their cultural dresses look spectacular. Here we will see some top dresses for brides of south India:

Light cream color saree with heavy jewelry:

This saree is looking amazing with its color and fabric. The color with the stuff is giving the outfit sophisticated look. The saree is looking very elegant and pleat at waistline is showing that the saree belongs to south India. Then heavy jewelry sets in large quantity is there to adorn the neckline. This heavy jewelry is giving the bride the flavor of south Indian bride.

Gold heavy sets and gold bangles are looking very captivating while the headpiece and gajry in hairs are making the bride fully embellished with ornaments. Jhumkey for ears are goingf perfect with the saree and the jewelry is increasing the wonderful look of the bride.

Lehenga saree in red and golden color:

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This south Indian bride is looking wonderful in saree Lehenga that is in red and golden colors. On red color saree embellished patches in golden color are making the border outstanding while the beads work and cut work is making the bottom look exquisitely beautiful. Pallu of the saree is draped behind the shoulder and the bride with one sided hairstyle with light curls is looking very traditional yet with contemporary look. Maang tikka, earrings and bangles have made the bride to stand out.

Bnarsi saree in golden color:

3. South Indian Bride outfits (10)

This bnarsi saree will make you win the hearts of people. This is looking ravishing and will make you look so. Long braid with ornament is making the half of the beauty of the bride. Matha Patti is there to décor the forehead and necklaces one long and one small are looking wonderful. The jewelry that south Indian brides wore gives them splendid beauty. Paisley design on the saree with the golden color is looking awesome and wonderful.

Open front gown for brides:

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Not only different Sarees and lehengas but the open front gown is also included in the dresses of south Indian bride’s dresses. Embellished neckline, sleeves and dupatta are making the dress outclass and bride is looking very beautiful with bright colors. Side parted hairstyle with hairs lying at one shoulder is looking perfect to carry with the outfit. Silver color jewelry with multi-shaded dress is looking fabulous.

Golden color Lehenga with red color beads work and cut work:

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This golden Lehenga is looking south Indian bridal Lehenga with the color contrast and different works on it. Beads work, stone work and cut work are making the Lehenga worth to wear on wedding and then the short blouse is making perfect pair with the Lehenga. Red color dupatta has increased the charm of the dress. Red color jewelry is looking wonderful with the outfit.

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