What Style of Wedding Dress are Best for me if i Am very Slim

| March 24, 2016

Not as close-fitting than a mermaid or sheath, the bodice has vertical panels of fabric and then the skirt flares out gently an elegant style. Looks best on Almost everyone it’s a classic, feminine look that may not suit everyone’s taste.


If you are into sort bridal dresses wear one piece instead, and avoid dresses with too many details and too much fabric, also make sure your supportive bra fits well and comes with adjustable straps. As for prints and colors, again, stripes will give the illusion of a fuller bust, even you are still allowed to play with other numerous bright colors and prints as fun as you like.


An empire dress works well on most body types but is specifically flattering for a bride looking to enhance her bust. The empire dress is unique for its raised waistline that sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the dress flows down. Empire dresses can have varying sleeve lengths ranging from longer bell sleeves to sleeveless, along with different skirt cuts that can flow freely or contour to your body.


Finally, if you’re looking for style inspiration on how to dress for a slim shape then take a look at these images featuring fashion campaigns and styles for skinny women. Just remember to always show off your best assets and conceal the others, that you are aiming for a balanced silhouette and to be confident no matter what shape your body is.



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