Amazing Calligraphy Abayas For Girls

| March 31, 2014

Abaya is traditional article of outfits used by Muslim girls and ladies with a view to cover their self to obey their religion. So women choose Abaya according to their taste and choice. Calligraphy Abaya is a variety in abayas available for Muslim ladies. This range of Abaya includes plates and little bit embroidery any other such material. These are quite simple but delicate which enhance the glamour of Muslim girl even in coated form.

Here we are demonstrating you some of exciting and alluring Calligraphy abayas for girls available in different styles and themes. Scarf is also the part of this Calligraphy abayas for Hijabs which means to cover head.  The colors used for this collection are orange, black, light blue, freshwater blue, tea pink, leaf green etc. with little bit Arabic embroidery of threads which make it even more beautiful and decent.

Topic:  Calligraphy Abaya for women
Colors: light blue, green, etc
Perfect for: all Muslim ladies

Amazing pink decent Abaya for girls

1 Calligraphy abaya design for girls

Plain deep black Abaya for Muslim ladies

2 collection of Calligraphy abaya

Light blue Arabic embroidered Abaya

3 light blue color Calligraphy abaya

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