Amazing Veil Ideas for Muslim Ladies 2016

| February 3, 2016

Amazing veil ideas for Muslim ladies 2016

Veil has utmost importance in life of Muslim ladies. Veil is not only to cover head with a piece of scarf which is called as hijab but also is to covered the face while extending the piece of scarf and maintained it around the face in such a way that it covers the whole face except eyes. Some ladies also like to cover their eyes with the help of full cloth which is thrown out on their face through which they can see everything but not even a single person can seek through their faces.

Hijab is compulsory for women who are under Islam but covering face is not necessary. Different people have varied concepts regarding veil. Some people considered that meaning of veil is to wear hijab, niqab and abaya while other people think that veil is to cover head with hijab and face with niqab. Our current post will satisfy you out in all manners whatever you have mentality regarding veil and we going to help you know the basic concept and style of hijab.

Simple niqab for girls:


Naqab is to cover the face with a piece of scarf. We are elaborating the concept of niqab while initiating with simple image that showers all the basic concepts of niqab. A woman is covering her face with bold black duppata or piece of cloth and left the eye portion. It’s a basic niqab.

France styles face veil ideas:


Here is another example of face veil which is inspired from France styles and ideas to carry veil for face. A woman in picture has taken veil in circular manner. It covers whole head portion and also face area with designer symmetrical printed scarf in high definition on white with black. I personally love this style as it’s simple as well as trendy also.


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