Amazing Vintage Watches for Men & Women

| June 30, 2014


Wrist watch is basically a timepiece which is worn on the wrist. It can be used by both men & women. There are lots of brands such as Rolex, Omega or Gucci which are making these watches with new concepts of designing or by taking inspiration from past. Prices of watches are also different. Basically, the price of a watch depends on the reputation of brand. Timepieces are used for watching time & for performing each & every duty at perfect timing.

Vintage Watches:

Here, I am going to share a very classic & vintage collection of wristwatches. These watches always play a very important role in order to make your personality inspiring & striking. It is only the design of dial which makes a watch either vintage or modern.

Vintage watches for Ladies:

In this collection, mostly the very traditionally designed watches are included for those ladies who like & appreciate those items which are manufactured & designed by taking inspiration from the past fashion.

Leather Strap Watches:

The leather straps in brown, black, skin & red colors are attached with each dial. Some straps are simple while some are in braided style.

Vintage Watches for Men:

Dear Men, don’t worry because along with watches for women, the watches for men are also here.

Vintage Bracelet Watches:

Some watches are designed in such a way that that they also impart the effect of a bracelet. So we call these wristwatches as bracelet watches.

Formal Wristwatches:

You can wear these watches into your wrist before going into a party, wedding function or on formal get-to-gather.

Casual Wear Watches:

Along with formal wear, these timepieces can also be used as regular wear during office timing, working timing & during college/university hours.

Pictures of Vintage Watches:

Now you can check out the following picture gallery of very unique, individual & sole pieces of wristwatches. I hope that you will like this collection!

best vintage watch

black color vintage watch

brown color vintage watch

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