Butterfly Candles Gift Idea for your Beloveds

| August 15, 2014

Candle Gift:

Candle is one of those items which are most commonly used as gifts. So, if the birthday or anniversary of your beloved is coming soon then why don’t you think about the candles or candle frame as gift for him or her. Candles are used for lots of other purposes such as for light & decoration. Candles play a very vital role in order to add some dreamy effect into your party or function which is going to be held indoor or outdoor. Candle can bring a paradisiacal effect into your home or room.

If candles are used or present with very beautiful candle holders then their beauty increases more.  So, today I am going to tell you about the how you can use candles with candles holders as gift for your beloved.

Butterfly Wall Candle Holder:

1 Butterflies candles gift for someone you love

In this very first picture you can see a wall candle holder which is designed by taking inspiration from butterflies. When you present it to your love then its charm can fascinate him/her.

Glass Butterfly Candle Holder:

2 Butterflies candles gift for someone you love (4)

In this second picture you can see a glass candle holder with butterfly designs. This is manufactured by using metal. Your beloved can keep this holder at any place where he/she will like.

 Homemade Butterfly Candle Glass:

3 Butterflies candles gift for someone you love (14)

This candle holder can be designed at home. The things which are required are: glass, paint color & bushes. By using any color paint or a combination of different colors you can create a butterfly designs on this glass. Now this glass can be used as candle holder. A handmade gift always shows your affection for the other person.

Antique Butterfly Candle:

4 Butterflies candles gift for someone you love (2)

This is a simple candle which is decorated by using an antique style butterfly which is attached with this candle by using ribbons. This is really a very simple & unique idea.

Floor Butterfly Candle Holder:

5 Butterflies candles gift for someone you love (5)

This is a skin color candle holder which you can keep on floor at any place where you want. There are two candle stands in it. It can be used as votive candle holder. The butterfly design is looking very cute.

Floating Butterfly Candles:

6 Butterflies candles gift for someone you love (3)

In this picture you can see floating candles in butterfly pattern. These candles can be used into a bowl which is full of water. These candle floats only on the surface of the water & can create an amazing atmosphere.

Unique Gift Ideas for your Love:

I hope that you will like the idea of butterfly candle or candle holder gift idea. The butterfly design always looks very cute & lovely. You can explore some more designs into the following picture galley!

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