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| September 24, 2014

Traditional Cat Collars:

There are lots of people who like to keep cats as pet. So they need some special kind of accessories or their cats. Here on this page you can explore a very cutest & loveliest cat accessory that is the custom cat collar. Yes a cat look very pretty in a collar. You can check out some very unique, gorgeous, cute & nice cat collars on this page. Let’s start!

Personalized Cat Collar:

1 custom cat collar (6)

First of all check out these personalized cat collars. It other words we can say that these are name collars. Each collar is embellished with a specific cat name tag such as “Abby”, “Snoppy”, “Molly” & “Bobbi”. This collar helps you to make the name of your pet cat very much popular among the strangers. It also acts as identifier. The leather stuff is warped out by using shimmery stuff. All collars have an adjustable closure.

Flower Cat Collar:

2 custom cat collar (10)

Look at this another very cutest flower design cat collar. A red color is looking very nice on ferozi color nylon cat collar. This cat collar is hand washable as well as machine washable.

Tie Bow Cat Collar:

3 custom cat collar (12)

This is a white color cat collar. It is adorned by using black color bow. A little round shape crystal is also used into the center of the black bow which is increasing the beauty of this cat collar. This cat collar can be used casually as well as formally.

Studded Cat Collar:

4 custom cat collar (3)

Take a look at this brown color leather cat collar. It is adorned by using square shape golden color studs. Round shape & ferozi color stones are also used for making it more impressive & stunning. it is also adjustable I mean you can adjust it according to the size of the cat’s neck.

Crystal Cat Collar:

5 custom cat collar (4)

Look at this pink color crystal embellished collar. It can give a very charming & attractive look to your cute kitty. Pink color rhinestones are embellished very beautifully in the form of a flower.

Leather Cat Collar:

6 custom cat collar (1)

It is black color leather cat collar. A metal plate with “Fat Cat” tag is used on this collar. If you have a big size & plus fat cat then this collar is just right for him/her.

Custom Cat Collar:

I hope you will like & appreciate the images which are shown above as well as into the gallery. Some collars are designed in such a way that you can use these as pet collars I mean for your other pets such as for a puppy. These cat collars are manufactured by using high quality leather, nylon & cotton fabrics. Colors are very pretty & patterns are very cute. A reasonable amount of Pressure is required for opening & closing of these collars. Each cat collar has also a removable bell. You can remove this bell if you never like it. Thank you for reading this article. Now you can check out the following photo gallery!

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