Choose a Clutch According to Your Personality

| March 21, 2017

The clutches have become an essential part of every ensemble because it carries our essentials like identity card, cell phone, credit card, money, tiny mirror, lipstick, tissue paper etc. clutches and bags are the easiest way to incorporate the latest trend in your wardrobe, look put-together and show off your personality.

A clutch can truly compliment your outfit; clutch selection depends on your usage, embellished clutches are best for parties while simple clutch with bare minimum decoration go best for formal and casual wear also. While choosing a clutch, always keep this thing in mind that it is ideal for your body type, your dress, occasions and needs.

Clutch is an ideal accessory to add glamour to add glamour too your personality. Different varieties of fashion clutches are available in the market and if choose rightly, they will add glamour in your over all look.

Use modish fashion clutches to enhance glamour and elegance in your personality and to add administration to any type of your casual dress, plain solid leather clutches are the best choice to make a style statement. This post is about different styles of clutches, what style of clutch will reflect your personality and style.

Box Style Clutch:

1.collection of beautiful clutch purses

Box style or box shape clutch looks stylish and attractive and defines the confident personality. So if you are a style fiesta and want to be the center of attention then you should carry the box style clutch. Just see the picture and get the idea from here,

one piece dress is designed with long train, deep v neckline and long fitted sleeves, whole dress is adorned with golden sequins embroidery and a patent black box style cutch with this fancy dress has enhanced the beauty and grace of your personality.

Envelope style:

3.collection of beautiful clutch purses

Fashion is about elegance and poise and if you want to make a style statement in a formal party then hold an envelope style bag in your hand. This kind of clutch is suited for an evening out as it is rectangular and looks like a letter or envelope. Usually envelope style clutch has not enough space to keep lot of things so never try too verstuff your flat purse, this is just meant to add extra bling to your ensemble and not for storage.

Folding Clutch:

4. collection of beautiful clutch purses

Folding clutches are chic and adjusting and go for both formal and semi formal usage. Look at this picture, the girl wore one piece mini dress in navy blue color, statement necklace around her neck and hold a beautiful matching blue folding clutch, designed with patent raccine and chain strap so this can be used as a clutch or hand bag too.

collection of beautiful clutch purses (2)


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