Designs Of Nail Art For The Valentine’s Day

| February 13, 2017

The trend of everything never remain same it is change and change because if we do same fashion in all seasons then we become fed up with our dressing so   in the grooming of girls not only dress is included rather the footwear, jewelry, make up and other things are needed so you should do it complete and according to the trend   because every girl like to look trendy and the stylish different colors and the different style nail art remain inn in the different   styles it is used according to the season.

Working ladies, college girls, and the other young girls are mostly using the nail art for giving themselves the perfect look because with the nail art your nails look beautiful and attractive you can use it according to your dress and in various shades. The valentine day is here and the youth are very excited for celebrating this day on the valentine day you can apply the nail paint with the heart shaped art  if your nails are very short then you can use the acrylic on your fingers  for making it more trendy and stylish here I have some heart  style nail art ideas  for you with your valentine day dresses.

Heart shaped bubble pink nails:

1. Heart style nails art ideas

In the valentine day you can  apply the bubble pink   nail paint on your nail with the black tiny hearts  with your white color  dress apply this nail paint  it will give you a  great look   if you have short nails then  apply the acrylic nail for the stylish look  pink is mostly liked by the girls because  it is very cute and pretty look for the young girls.

Red with white:

2. Heart style nails art ideas

Red color is the sign of love it will give you  a romantic  look  red color is made for the valentine day  you can apply the matte nail paint on your hands with the oily natural nail paints on it for making your nail beautiful and  matching with your red dress  on  your all  fingers apply the red nail paint  with white color basic nail paint on one finger and make the tiny hears in the red color with the help of toothpick write I love you sign and  these nails  will give you best look.

Glittered nail paint with heart:

3. Heart style nails art ideas

Red color glittered nail polish is very common in the winter if your nails are very short then apply the glittered paint on your four fingers and on the other one apply one  with the glitter heart  with it  you can make the  heart on it  carry the heart rings  with your  slit dresses n red and the black gowns  on your white hands this nail paint look fabulous.

Hot and classy look:

4. Heart style nails art ideas

The girls who want to look so much classy and the hot they can wear the velvet red color dress floor length style with off shoulder then apply the matte nail paint on your fingers  on your two fingers two hearts  in the normal size  and on the other fingers  make the dots with red color  it look so hot and classy  with this dress and nail paint you can go  on the  candle light dinner and the  valentine party.

Decent style nails art:

5. Heart style nails art ideas

Grey color is very  unique we can see it in very less dresses  with  your red dress you can apply the grey color  in the elephant shade on your fingers with the lining  glittered nail paint with the tiny hearts  and the shimmered nail paint on the other two fingers it will give you formal and semi formal look with this nail paint  you can carry the  metal rings and the bracelet.

Silver nail paint with red heart:

6. Heart style nails art ideas

With your elegant and the fancy dress apply the simple nail paint it will give you cute look before the valentine day  with your elegant shimmered dress in the red color  then apply the silver sparkling  style nail paint on your white complexion and make the hearts on it in the red color  the row of the hearts are made on it in the tiny size.



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