Diction Style for Rasm-e-henna Ceremony Invitation Cards

| December 19, 2014

The basic purpose of invitation card is to inform the place and time of your wedding to your guest. In the invitation card, its wording is most important because Invitation wording greatly depend on the style of your event. The invitation will let your guest know how formal or informal your wedding is. Consider of your invitation as sneak-peek into your wedding. In mehandi function different conventional things are done like affix mehandi in hands, timbre, pipe up, dancing and many other things are done so mehandi invitation wording are rely to these things.

Main titles are given to this cards are mehandi ki raat, Rasm-e-henna and mehandi. Bridal and groom name and their father mother names also written. Time, date and venue are mention at the end of the card. Some people make pictures of mehandi or dholak printed on the mehandi invitation card which gives a traditional look. We have some samples of mehandi invitation. Let’s have a look!

See this Indian mehandi invitation in which simple Hindi and English wording have been used and simply invite with not too much wording. Indian cards can also be written in Hindi writing. See this Pakistani mehandi invitation card! Every thing which will do on mehandi is elaborate.

It’s quite lengthy but full of informative. You can also choose simple word ‘mehandi’ for invitation and then just mention date, time and place. Its look too short but simple! You can choose your invitation wording from these cards.
Hope you will like this!

mehndi ceremony invitation wordings cards (9)

mehndi ceremony invitation wordings cards (10)


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