Different Style Mermaid Phone Case

| November 3, 2016

Now  a days the people are become so modern and trend they want to  adopt every fashionable things because  it is the demand of our society  that nobody like to clung  with same things changing  is the  demand of the today man whether it is in  anything  because the mood of the man is  not remain same like the fashion so  he likes  to these things which are attractive and stylish .now we are talking about the phone covers means mobile cover that are very famous among the  girls ,boys and all people because due to the case mobile become save  when it fall then no break  and secondly it increase your phone beauty when you hold it in your hand it will give you  a cute look.

The trend of these cases are so much different people like to go with different covers according to their taste .all the things are using on the mobile case .the girls like the cartoon characters girl very much and they want to make these characters on the covers with different things because it is easy to make at home so you can get ideas for these pictures.

Simple mermaid phone case:


The girls like the antique style things they don’t like to go with new things because they are much interested in the old things so you can go with the simple mermaid style phone case   it is looking like the stone made with the blue paint under the mermaid .first paint on the whole  back of the case then  with the paint make the mermaid  in the embossed style that can give the  unique style look  this is good  for  all ages girls.

Transparent style cover:


Plastic and the crystal plastic and the glass plastic on the transparent cover in the back you can make the mermaid on the back of cover with the stones of different color   stones you can make this mermaid at home with the sketch of pencil. On the back of the cover make the sketch of mermaid then  use the stones on it  because it look so nice it is best for the teen age girls .

Sticker with glitter:


On the cover you can use the different  poster color and oil paint for the great look of your mobile cover  make the mermaid in different color because the  mermaid the fantasy land is many vibrant color  you can use the glitter stick on it for the gorgeous look .paint glitter and the sequence on the mobile cover is good choice to make at home with the little creativity  at the place mermaid  fantasy girl you can make the  mermaid fish on the cover .

Mirror style cover decoration:


On the cover you can paint according to your choice and then use the material which you like  pearls and the beads are good for the decoration  if you want to decorate in the mermaid style then make the round  shaped mirror  with the pearls and beads embellished  and you can write with the pearls your name and   with these pearls and beads you can make anything  because  the trend is not remain same  so the trend of  cover is  also become changed.


You can buy it simple and fancy both form   and sometime it is available  in simple  style  and with it the stones and the pearls are attached which you can use it on your simple mobile cover  and now a day’s these covers are use according to dress color because  there are variety of covers are available in the market besides the girls are also making  phone cases at home with the nail paints and the different things.

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