Different Types And Sizes For Socks For Everyone

| September 29, 2014


A pair of socks is worn on feet with different sizes and types. Some people wear socks regularly like students and office workers with boots but in the cool and winter environment socks become essential for everyone. You know very well that summer season is finishing and winter season is nearly comes. So, firstly I decided to introduced winter accessories with latest trend our regular viewers.
Today, I am going to allocate different types and sizes of socks for winter season. Socks are made a lot variety of material like wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester and olefins etc and the founded in toe, thigh, bare foot and ankle length socks and average size socks. These socks can make with contrasted colors or single color. Now a day very stunning and gorgeous socks are founded in the market that are design with exclusive pattern and looks cute and striking.

Black and grey long socks

1 black and white Socks style and size

In this picture, you are seeing dazzling pair of winter socks that is made with black and white wool in thigh length. This long machine made wool socks are best and extremely warm for winter season.

Plain green toe socks

2 gtreen Socks style and size

Socks are founded in numerous style and patterns. Here is a latest pair of sock that design by toe pattern. These simple socks you can wear casually in winter season for keep warm your feet.

Knitted white ladies socks

3 handmade Socks style and size

This gorgeous pair of socks is design by crochet pattern in off-white color and average size. Acrylic material by hooks is used for making this knitted pair of socks. Crochet socks are extremely warm and looks trendy.

Contrasted colors handmade sock

4 mahroon Socks style and size

Now a day, handmade crochet work is again introduce in the fashion world and women makes numerous items by crochet pattern like kids’ dresses, headband, shawl and socks etc. Here you can see a fabulous pair of handmade socks that are made with crochet pattern in exclusive style by using maroon and grey acrylic and wool materials.

Here, you can see further pair of socks that are made with handmade and machine pattern in different sizes and dazzling types. Light and dark, printed and plain all types of socks for every age of group you can see in the gallery images. These are extremely essential wearing item for winter season.

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