Disasters of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

| July 21, 2014

Hair extensions: Hair extensions, strands of hair added to existing hair. The Hair Extensions are hair addition which is secured to the base of the hair in order to add length to the hair to add volume, texture, or color.

Micro ring hair extensions: The Micro Ring method is usually considered to be the smallest and most untraceable Hair Extension technique existing, which combines soft or fine tendrils of natural hair with the extension hair.

Use of hair extensions: Hair extensions or micro rings hair extensions are used by those who want luscious long locks, but don’t have the time or patience to wait around for them to grow.

Micro Ring hair extensions gone wrong: Hair extensions are not only natural looking, but are easy to apply yourself. But sometimes disasters can also occur like here we are presenting you some. These disasters can cause your hair look clumpy and also wrong ways of using hair extensions can also bring bad look.

Problems cause by using micro ring hair extensions: There may appear serious problems while using micro ring hair extensions like permanent baldness, blinding, hair fall and bleeding scalps.


2014 Micro Ring Hair Extensions Gone Wrong

micro ring extensions collection

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Gone Wrong 2014

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Gone Wrong '


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