DIY painted Vases Decoration Items by Enamel

| August 17, 2015

Enamel painted transparent glass vases for home decoration

At this current existing time, you will learn awesome amazing superb ideas to décor your glass clear vases with enamel paint that is exquisite and noted type of paint which utilized for color of wood, iron and glass. This enamel paint has extraordinary glossy & softness than other that’ reason people well-liked enamel paint for decoration.

Here, I am going to simply décor clear glass vases by enamel paint that is founded in all colors’ palette you can select according you own choice. Extremely easy & quick way to décor clear glass with enamel paint is shared here in only five steps.

1.    Firstly, wash glass vase with soapy water to remove dust & let for dry.

1 Enamel painted vases for your home (1) 1 Enamel painted vases for your home (6)

2.    Pour conditioner type enamel paint in the bottom of vase and spread with clean paint brush inside it.

2 Enamel painted vases for your home (13)

3.    First coat looks rough so, need f second coat that you can also with contrasted shade to get slightly double tint expression.

3 Enamel painted vases for your home (2)

4.    Check from outer side that inner is full covered with paint now lay it in down face condition on the paper towel. Extra drips dropped on the paper.

4 Enamel painted vases for your home (3)

5.    Let them for one night and next morning you will find gorgeous decorative vases.

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