Do-it-Yourself & Try at Home Nail Art Designs

| November 16, 2013

Are you searching for the do-it-yourself nail art? Then you should view the following pictures, in which you can discover very easy & beautiful nail art. You can use two or even more colors of nail polishes in order to create one nail art. The white & black colors of nail art are looking very easy.

For example, you first apply white color of nail polish on the four fingers leaving thumb (because on thumb black nail color is required). Now use a slim stick for making three black color dots on each nail in such a way that dots look like the mouth shape of a “panda”. Now use white nail color for creating the same dots on the thumb (for assistance you can see picture shown in the following gallery).

Another interesting idea is the polka nail art design on the nails by using various colors of nail paints. In this case after applying one color of nail polish (such as white) on the nails then use various colors of nail polish (such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue etc) for creating small dots on the nails. Various kinds of nail stickers are available in the market so you can use these stickers in order to create a floral & butterfly patterned nail art. Look at the pictures & get interesting ideas then try at your home.

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