Dynamic Toy Breed “Havanese Puppy” And National Dog of “Cuba”

| November 6, 2013

It is a national dog of “Cuba” Havanese is a small muscular dog with friendly character,
He can live easily in the small apartment of face and never required the large area of the yard and lawn that’s why, he get easy to care from other breaded dogs and puppies, lets go in the history of the “Havanese” puppy to know how he came into being in the world for a cute and fluffy pet,

An old breed, the Havanese is devoted breeds of puppy brought to Cuba from Spain and could also be associated to the Tenerife, a predecessor of the entire Bichon family. This
Breed is related from toy group in “AKC” {American Kennel club} organization in 1996,

The temperament of a Havanese is “good-natured and vigilant” the Havenese breed is too energetic, courageous and brave then other breeds of the dogs, he is a great guard and watch dog and would be proved as a dedicated and devoted dog for your family and kids

Fiona Kelly
Fiona Kelly is a fervent and passionate Havanese possessor and owner of this breed that has devoted innumerable hours’ distribution her secrets and tricks on how to have the ideal, content, vigorous and best Havanese, if you also want to keep your pet happy then you also ought to follow all above mentioned tricks to get an contented and energetic puppy.

Topic: Information about Havanese puppy
Breed: “Toy breed”
Invented in: 1996,
Association of: “AKC” {American Kennel club}
Temperament: good-natured and vigilant
Known as: the national dog of “Cuba”
Brought from: “Spain”
Associated also: Tenerife,
Required place: Not wide at all

beautiful Havanese puppy


collection of Havanese puppy

cute Havanese puppy

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